Zoning Improvement Permit Miami Dade.

For your Zoning Improvement Permits (ZIPS) Miami-Dade County, we can perform a zoning inspection and locate your improvement in the lot with an engineering survey, site plan or property boundary survey, signed and seal by a Professional Engineer or Professional Land Surveyor and Mapper.

We have the lowest fee in Miami to perform engineering surveys or site plan.

All Home Meters, LLC can help you to prepare all documents you will need to apply.

According to the Florida Building Code and Chapter 33 Miami-Dade County, the following uses require a zoning permit

  • Paving, drainage of existing facilities, establishing outside storage

  • Farm buildings as defined under Florida Statute 823.14(3) (a) and also in accordance with definition of agricultural product as defined under Florida Statute 604.60 (a).

  • Temporary buildings used for construction, either trailer or modular building

  • Awnings, canopies and fabric covered framework located for residential property

  • Painted wall sign

  • Balloon sign

  • Stick on fabric letters that are more than eight (8) inches in height

  • Chickee huts constructed by Miccoussukee and Seminole Indians

  • Above ground pools that contain water over 24 inches deep

  • Chain link fences for residential properties and not used as a pool barrier

  • Picket fences, iron bar fences and other non-wind resistant fences (ornamental iron fences combined with concrete wall or columns will require a Building 18 permit)

  • Decorative pools and ponds with water less than 24 inches deep.

  • Decorative garden-type fountains. This does not include portable fountains or birdbaths.

  • Re-surfacing, re-striping, sealing and stripe painting of existing facilities

The following documents and information will be required with a Zoning Improvement Permit application:

  • Two copies of site plan or survey that depict the location of the new construction or installation. Existing buildings, fences and walls must also be shown on the site plan. Site plan does not have to be certified by an engineer, but it must be drawn to scale.

  • Setbacks and spacing between buildings and other residences (if required) need to be noted on the site plan.

  • Notate the square footage and height of the new use.

  • Farm buildings that are constructed of concrete block and farm buildings that are 300 square feet or greater will require a flood legend or flood elevation certificate.

  • Site plans for farm buildings will need to show location of septic tank and potable well. Distance between well and septic tank needs to be shown, 100 feet is required.

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