Miami Dade Property Lien Search Services. 

Our Professional Engineers are offering lien search from public records for buildings located in Unincorporated Miami-Dade County (folios starting with 30).

Our Search provides fundamental information for homeowners, buyers, sellers, Real Estate companies and agents, asset management companies, financial institutions, bank and public in general.

Real Estate Regular Property Lien Searches include:

  • Taxes.

  • Zoning.

  • Building Code Enforcement.

  • Permits.

  • Flood Zone.

Real Estate regular background check.

The regular search report will show from public records the following information:

  • General information from Property Appraiser (search for general information, assessment, benefits, taxable value, full legal description, sales, land use, building improvements/extra features, additional informations).

  • Tax roll search from Tax Collector (parcel details, latest bill, history).

  • Zoning resolutions/administrative adjustments search from Zoning Section.

  • Code enforcement citations and liens from Clerk of the Courts (Code Enforcement System).

  • Building violation search from Building Section. Open/expired permits search from Building Section.

  • Flood Zone search from GIS Miami-Dade County.

  • Plat map from the Clerk of the Courts.

  • Foreclosure inspection search from Zoning Section.

Real Estate Enhance Search.

Enhanced background report can add the following searches:

  • Utilities Liens (water, sewer, stormwater and solid waste).

  • HOA estoppel letter.

  • Building records from Miami-Dade Property Appraiser.

  • Building records from Miami-Dade County Microfilm Section.

Search Cost.

We have a flat fee for regular background check in Miami Dade County Unincorporated

We can provide a quote, on a case by case basis, for enhanced background checks and for regular searches for buildings located in municipalities. In these cases report can cost more than two times the amount of work/expenses.

Enhanced background reports are only available under request.

Payment method.

  • Check to All Home Meters LLC.

  • Via our website, which accepts all major credit cards including American Express, Visa, Master Card, etc.

  • Electronically to

All payments are in advance.

Service Area: Miami-Dade County.

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