Pre Purchase Miami Dade Building/Property/Home Inspections.

We are offering pre-purchase building inspections, property inspections or Pre Purchase Miami Dade Building/Property/Home Inspections., not only for foreclosed properties but for all properties located in Miami-Dade County Unincorporated (folio 30) regardless the way they were acquired, with reports in the same format used for Certificate of Use.

We have a flat fee for the complete Pre Purchase Building/Property/Home Inspection if you provide a boundary survey, engineering survey or site plan with the measurements of your property, improvements and lot.

For an engineering survey or site plan an extra fee applies.

Pre Purchase Building, Property or Home Inspection Report.

Findings report will state:

From Public Records. General Information. We do not guarantee those records but we need to rely on them.

  • Folio.

  • Legal description.

  • Owner's name.

  • Owner's address.

  • Present use of the property (single family, duplex, townhouse or condo unit).

  • Adjusted square footage as per official records.

  • Lot size.

  • Number of living units permitted.

  • Number of Bedrooms and bathrooms from records.

  • Zoning District of the Property.

  • County Land Use Code of the Property (CLUC).

  • Setbacks required for principal building, accessory structures and swimming pool.

  • Spacing required between structures.

  • Zoning resolutions and variances allowing a change in the zoning regulations of the district or land use of the property.

  • Height requirements for fences.

  • Citations, violation cases and open / expired permits.

  • Flood Zone information.

  • From Engineering Inspection.

  • General description of the structure and findings.

  • Type of construction.

  • Foundation type.

  • Wall construction.

  • Windows and Doors type.

  • Roof shape and cover type.

  • Garage type.

  • Pool or SPA.

  • Number of Bedrooms and bathrooms found.

  • Accessory Structures.

  • Number of living units found.

  • Height and sight safety triangle issues for fences, walls and hedges.

  • Additions, alterations, modifications to the structure.

  • Any unsafe condition.

From boundary survey, engineering survey, site plan or floor plan.

  • Lot coverage: ratio between the square footage of the property (footprint) and the lot size.

  • Encroachments to right of way.

  • Easements location and clearance.

  • Setbacks found for principal building, accessory structures and swimming pool.

  • Spacing found between structures.

  • Position of fences.

  • For condo units: layout and balcony clearance.

Professional Engineer will only report under visual inspection the condition of the main systems: structural, roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC.


  • Present condition of the structure (bulging, settlement, deflection, cracking, spalling, rusted steel, rotten wood, etc.).

  • Windows, doors, frames.

  • Swimming pool structure: visible condition.


Signs of moisture penetration and general condition of the roof (engineer will not enter the attic or climb the roof).


  • Service, electrical room and meter: condition and clearance.

  • Panels: condition and identification.

  • Wiring: Conduits, raceways, pipe installations condition.

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI): location.

  • Grounding of service: condition.

  • Smoke detectors: visible condition and location.

  • Installations for swimming pool or SPA: condition.

  • Lighting.

Gas Service:

  • Meter and installations: condition.

  • Carbon monoxide detector: location and visible condition.


  • Fixtures an bath accessories.

  • Possible leaks.

  • Appliances.

  • Lawn sprinklers.

  • Swimming pool: sanitation and pump system.


  • Central HVAC: thermostat, compressor and air handler units condition.

  • Wall units: visible condition.

  • Duct system: visible condition.

Others. Cosmetic:

  • Fencing.

  • Interior and exterior paint.

  • Plaster and partitions.

  • Floors.

  • Wood Trim: Jambs, Baseboards.

  • Cabinetry.

  • Cleanup.

  • Possible signs of termite infestation.

  • Possible signs of mold.

We also offer Wind Mitigation Inspection, 4 Point Home Inspections, Elevation Certificate, for your insurance purpposes.


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